Barakah of dhikr

August 3, 2007

Don’t initially start worrying about eradicating evils and wrongs. Until good deeds are established, the bad deeds will not go away. Start making the zikr of Allah, and that too in a very heartfelt manner. A zikr that is filled with love, yearning, sincerity. Then whatever filth or evil one is inflicted with will go away by the barakah of this zikr and goodness and virtue will enter the heart.

-Baatein Unki Yaad Raheingi pg. 299



August 2, 2007

Surely, Salah keeps one away from shameful and evil deeds.” (Al-Ankabut: 45)

Abdullah bin Masud (ra) narrated, “I asked the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), which act is the best?” He (pbuh) replied, “Prayer, at its appointed time.” (Muslim)