Democrat Obama talks tough on Pakistan

Attack inside Pakistan with or without approval of Pakistani Government


Another candidate proving that he will sell himself for votes. Obama’s statements are idiotic in so many ways, but lets state out a few reasons:

  • Musharraf is already a puppet to US and complies with every order given to him.
  • Pakistan has a nuclear bomb and a fairly decent army.
  • Is there no lesson learned from the war on Iraq?
  • Where will the soldiers come from?…

From an optimistic perspective, there will be at least a couple of positive outcomes too: a chance to fight jihad fi sabeelillah to many Muslims, and maybe waking up the ummah. Uh, I rather have the leaders opt for peaceful strategies…there’s already enough mess made by US’ foreign policies.

May Allah grant us sincere, just, and sensible leaders. ameen.


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